Tuesday, November 3, 2009

picture day

this is the typical miley stance... love it! (has nothing to do with this post, but i love her!)so today was picture day at ella kate and josiah's mother's day out! ella kate wanted to pick out a dress that she could wear with her sleebs (tights) and josiah could care less what he wears, so i threw on a color that i thought he looked cute in:) i was afraid that josiah would NOT want to stand and pose to have his picture taken by a stranger, but they said he was a champ and smiled so cute:) on the other hand, i KNEW ella kate would do it, but i didn't know how big of a CHEESE she would say. when i picked her up, i asked her how she smiled and she showed me the biggest fake smile, with her nose crinkled up and her eyes closed! i knew it... but what can ya do??! :)oh! and i wanted to tell you that this morning when we were leaving the house, ella kate was the first to open the front door and stopped in her tracks saying, "whoa!! there is something spooky about this place, momma!" she was talking about all of the fog:)

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