Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i'm gonna get fired!

i am afraid that after today, i will no longer keep my niece eve anymore! her parents will no longer trust me:) let me just fill you in on what just happened.
here is the situation: it is nap time and i am making all 4 of the babies take a nap today. sometimes i will let ella kate stay up and hang out with me while the other 3 nap, but not today!! i have been having some pretty bad lower back/hip pain lately and today it is hurting like crazy... so i wanted to sit on the heating pad and relax without chatty kathy in my ear:) so miley is asleep in her crib and josiah is down in his room and i put eve and ella kate together in her room. eve sleeps in a pack and play and ella kate will of course, sleep in her bed. i threatened ella kate before i left the room, that she was to stay in her bed and leave eve alone in hers, and sleep.... or else! so about 45 minutes have gone by and i never heard a sound. not a giggle, not a cry, not a bounce off the wall.... nothing! just as i was getting comfy on the heating pad, i heard something scratch ella kate's door. usually, when she wants to come out of her room, she knocks on her door, but this was not a knock.... it was something different. and different is not good, so i got up and checked on them. when i opened her door, i had to try my hardest to keep a straight face. this is what i saw: eve's pack and play completely toppled over upside down, eve walking around ella kate's room with a tea set in her hand and some nasty, wet, shiny goo all in her hair, ella kate, NAKED, jumping on her bed and other various toys and wet spots scattered on the floor EVERYWHERE! where should i even start?!? i calmly ask ella kate to come here and i ask:
"ella kate, what is going on?"
ek: "nuffin!"
me: "why is baby eve's bed upside down?"
ek: "because her wanted to get out!"
me: "what is all in baby eve's hair?"
ek: "soap."
me:"where did you get soap? where is it?"
ek: "it's hiding from you!"
me: "well, you better find it and give it to me right now!"
she scurries over to her bed and underneath her covers, pillows, and teddy bears, she grabs a small tube of orajel that was hiding. where did she get that?? we don't even use that stuff!!she brings it to me and look the empty bottle, then i grab eve and take one whiff of her poor head..... menthol! yep. that is what is was! now, back to ella kate....
me: "where are your clothes, ella kate?"
ek: "i took them off... they got all wet!"
me: "how did they get wet?" (praying that it wasn't pee!)
ek: "my juice got on them!"
after a huge sigh of relief, i see her juice cup, with the lid off. why does she do crazy things like this??
me: "well, because you showed me that you can't handle having your cup in your room with you, you aren't gonna get to bring it to your room anymore! ok? now, what did i say was going to happen if you got out of your bed?"
ek: "i get a spankin'.." as she tries to cover her bare bottom with her chubby hands....
and well, you can guess what happened next! then i cleaned poor baby eve up, got ella kate some dry clothes and put them back into their beds, to try it again! let's pray they go to sleep, and that sissy isn't upset when she comes to get her sweet baby after school!

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