Wednesday, November 18, 2009

have you seen a cuter baby?

look at this sweet face! our smiley miley is so sweet and so much fun! i know that i always say it, but she really has been the best little booger:) she is 13 months old now, and her personality is starting to bloom more and more! she now looks at things that are off limits to her chubby little hands, and says "no!" for instance, she will get right next to a bath and body works wall flower plug-in and point at it saying, "no, no, no!" and she is starting to use her manners, with a sweet little, "tay-tu" (thank you) when we hand her something that she wants. she also likes to "hi" and "bye" to people we pass.. she is just so fun! when we pick up ella kate and josiah from mother's day out, she starts squealing and kicking her legs with excitement! i love it, because ella kate and josiah are both just as excited to see her and baby eve after school! josiah likes to kiss them both, and ella kate always tells them how much she missed them! these are some sweet times... crazy times for sure.... but sweet just the same:)here are is another pic of the babies tonight while waiting on bill to come home from work. they look so big, miley is walking (not constantly, but she can), and josiah is pulling ek in the blocks wagon. ella kate wanted me to take her picture tonight by herself... look at how long her hair is!! i tried to take josiah's picture so he wouldn't be left out, but he would have none of it! so.. i will have to try and get a cute one of him next time!

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