Saturday, November 28, 2009

decorating the tree

the babies had a blast decorating the christmas trees this year. we have a normal tree, then the babies have a little tree that they can enjoy! it was so cute hearing ella kate and josiah talking to each other about it. i plugged the babies tree in and ella kate said, "whoa! that's amazing!" i wish they were dressed a little cuter for the pics, but hey... we were lounging that day, josiah was sporting his turkey hat and ella kate was loving her hot pink chap stick!when we decorated the big tree, we put miley in bed and let josiah and ella kate stay up and help us. they thought they were big stuff... getting to stay up late and eat cookies! they were hilarious! ella kate only wanted the pink ornaments and put them all in the same spot. josiah didn't care which ones he had but he also put them on the same branch. then, i asked if he could be the helper boy and pass the ornaments to daddy to hang up high and he said, "sure!" he would get the ornaments and give them to bill saying, "here's ah' one for yoooouuu! and here's ah' one for yoooouuu!" too cute! then bill asked ella kate if she wanted to put the star on top and when he lifted her up, josiah ran away saying, "i be wight back!" he came back with the little star topper from their tree:) he wanted to be apart of the star topping experience..cute boy!

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