Monday, April 19, 2010

slumber parties and such..

this weekend, josiah got some new twin beds for his bedroom (thanks erin!) and i told him and ella kate that they could have a slumber party when we got them finished. ella kate got VERY excited and went upstairs to go and get her slippers for the "slipper party". i told her that it was a SLUMBER party, which meant that she gets to sleep in josiah's room for the night in one of his new beds! she said, "is it kinda like a camp-out? because i might need to get my 'noculars so that me and 'siah can look for munsters! because i am still just a 'little bit little' and i don't like munsters, but maybe tomorrow i will be 'too much big' and i wont be afraid anymore!"
... umm yeah, whatever that means:)
my poor josiah was even more confused! he said to me, "oohh... a party for mine? oohh, ok! can i hab cake ice-cweem a wittle bit?" i told him it wasn't a birthday party, it was a slumber party and that they are just going to go to sleep in his "new room". with a puzzled look on his sweet face he said, "oohh... can i juss hab cake a wittle bit??"
by then i gave up and let bill take over and try and explain it! needless to say, we all got very little sleep! they have never really slept away from home OR ever shared a room, so they were very excited!! i think they finally tuckered out around 10:30pm (after many threats and spankings) only to wake back up at 4:00am to start playing again!! ((yawn))... which would explain why we are all crabby and tired today!!


  1. Ha, Oh no. Well it was worth a try. You were just trying to be fun and let them try something new.