Monday, April 5, 2010

easter aftermath

my mother in law was the easter bunny this year and got the babies some really cute things for their baskets :) they each got build-a-bear animals... the girls got bunnies and josiah got a duck. josiah loved his "nock-lars" (binoculars), miley loved her mickey mouse figurines and ella kate loved her easter stamp. she loved it so much that she woke up this morning looking like this..

how it ended up in bed with her last night, i haven't got a clue.. i remember putting that stamp along with her bubble necklace that they each got, way up high on her dresser. she came out of her room during nap time yesterday and said, "momma.. something spilled in my room and made a big wet mess. it WASN'T my bubbles and i DIDN'T do it, but i need a nah-kin (napkin) to clean it up. it's very sticky!" i gave her a towel and she went back into her room and shut the door. her bubble necklace is now empty.. but she didn't do it! oh well... i am choosing my battles. so, back to the stamp story. i cannot get this ink off of her poor little face. i have tried several things, but the smeared pink ink looks like she has rubbed her face in poison ivy or had an allergic reaction to something. she keeps looking in the mirror asking, "whoa! why does my chink (cheek) look like that?" i tell her that it isn't just her chink, but her nose, chin and eyes! stamps are not for your face! oh well.. at least it is spring break and we have no where to go! hopefully it will wear off soon:)


  1. Ha, I love this post. That stamp and her face are hilarious and how she asked why her "Chink" looked like that. HAHA! Seriously made me smile big time while reading this at my desk at work. So cute. Kids!

  2. Hi there, thank so much for stopping by!! You have a beautiful family, I love your little girls pretty!! Look like you all had a wonderful Easter!! The stamp is definitely something my daughter would do too. I finally had to put everything in her closet and then lock it because she was climbing and getting into everything as Hope you are having a great week!