Monday, April 19, 2010


ella kate was just a few days shy of being 3 years old when my grandma, nonny, suddenly passed away 8 months ago. however, ella kate still talks about her as if we saw her yesterday. i love how she still has memories of her sweet great grandma. she was the best:) ella kate recently asked me if she could have a picture of nonny to put on her nightstand, so that "nonny and God could watch over her and not let her have hard days (bad dreams)!" of course i said, YES:)

i miss my sweet nonny so much and would give anything to talk to her again or give her a big ol' hug! apparently, ella kate does too! yesterday she told me, "momma i prayed, and prayed and PRAYED that nonny would come back home! is she gonna come back home soon, because i really, really miss her?!"

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