Sunday, April 11, 2010

dancing shoes and abrahams

baby miley has finally mastered walking in two "dancing shoes".
she no longer clanks around the house in just one... but a pair:) i love those sweet legs in heels:)
one night while i was at bible study, bill made cookies with the babies. ella kate and josiah insisted on wearing their "abrahams". (aprons) cute, cute...

josiah was splashing in the bathtub (which is a no-no in our house). i had my back turned putting towels away so to get his attention, i called his name, "josiah?" he replied, "what, baby?" :)

we love crushed ice here at the davis house:) ella kate had a cup of it outside and was sharing some with miley. when the cup was empty ella kate brought it to me and said (talking about miley), "momma, that girl loves her some ice."

1 comment:

  1. mmm crushed ice, Yum, Such a fun summer treat.

    I LOVE that first picture. HAHA, Those shoes are priceless, Your kids are so stinking cute!