Wednesday, April 28, 2010

gummies and other funnies:)

one morning last week, i had miley and my niece eve in the car with me. we had just left target where i had bought some fruit snacks (gummies) and other random necessities:) i gave each of the girls a pack of gummies and started driving back to the house when i hear miley say, "oush!(ouch) stuck! oush... stuck!" then i hear eve saying, "hey my (miley)! a gummy... a hair!! hey my!" i turn around and see that miley has a slimy, red gummy stuck in one of her ringlets. it is dangling on the side of her face, right in eve's view and eve is reaching for it to eat it! but whenever either one try to pull it out of miley's hair, it is so sticky and tangled that miley's poor little eyes start watering in pain as she says "oush!!" :) if any of you know eve, then this will be even more hilarious because the girl LOVES to eat! she doesn't miss too many meals OR too many snacks, for that matter! and there was a "snack" stuck in miley's hair that she wasn't going to let go to waste:)

**miley is really starting to talk a lot! i was drying her sweet little face off after her bath one night and she pushed my hand away and said, "oush! da nose!" (ouch! my nose!) apparently, i was rubbing her face a little too hard!! she is also starting to call for her brother and sister! their names are "sigh" (josiah) and "cat" (ella kate) :)

* one of josiah's favorite prizes are blue raspberry ICEE's from target. he says they taste like "blue-MERRY muffins!" he also can write every single letter of the alphabet! he is our little brainy boy... a pure genius:)

*ella kate is still keeping us smiling too. every time we get in the car, she asks if we can "blow her window down!" she means roll her window down and even though she can't quite lean forward enough to push the button to do it, she has mastered the art of using her long, cute little toes to "blow her window down" :) she also has a little bit of trouble with her "F" and "V" sounds. for instance... she will say this "ather we take a nap, we hatha go get groceries!" cute huh??

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  1. too cute! boy, 'sigh' is a genius!! can he come teach my kids! lol! love getting my kids the icee and popcorn snack at allows me to get a lot of 'necessary' shopping done! :)