Thursday, May 19, 2011

mimi is OLD!

sometimes grandma's can make kids a little hyper... especially their name is ella kate! we have asked her over and over again to settle down some whenever she is around the grandparents. for some reason she is wanting to pull on, jump on and tackle them (in love). well, today was no different! my mom was sitting on the floor and ella kate was behind her, hanging on her neck. i gave ella kate the 'look' and said, "ella kate, what have i told you about mimi??" she said, "what?!? that she is getting really, really old??" bahaha!!! i smiled and said, "yes! she is getting old and when you hang on her like that, you could hurt her!!" my mom looked at me with a pouty face, so i reminded her that she didn't want them to climb and be rough... right??? she chimed in and said, "right! because i might break!" then, ella kate felt the need to say, "yeah!! you might DIE!!!" :)

also.. we got a treadmill recently and the kids LOVE to run on it. josiah can actually sprint on that thing!! it is hilarious! he can get those little legs just a going:) miley told me today that she wanted to "eppersize" on it. (exercise)

and who can resist this sweet, smiley face?? i can't believe she is 2 months already!! here are my other cuties today! excuse miley's wad of gum:)

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