Wednesday, May 4, 2011

sweet 'siah..

i asked miley and josiah if they were enjoying their popsicles today. miley looked at her red one and said, "nummy! mine's straw-bee shotcake" (strawberry shortcake) josiah looked at his green popsicle and said, "mine's de-wicious!! it tastes wike PEAS!!"

apparently he couldn't think of a more appetizing green food:)

i walked by his room this afternoon to see him sitting on the floor playing the game 'pretty pretty princess'. his back was towards me, so i stood their and watched him for a minute. he was wearing the crown and already had on the necklace, bracelet and ring. i smiled when i saw him flick the spinner and say, "yay!! i get my earrings now!!" bahaha... have i mentioned that this sweet thing needs a brother?!!?

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