Friday, May 13, 2011

just a few special traits..

it is no secret that bill and i are CRAZY about our kids! we think that they are quite possibly the cutest and sweetest kids around:) but when i sit and think about them, i realize how they are each so unique and special. so instead of focusing on their obvious qualities or characteristics (talkative, whiny, dramatic... you know!) or even focusing on some of the negative ones, bill and i thought of some special traits that God has blessed them with at their ages now. i know that as they grow up, they may change some but they might end up being the exact same. so here are a few words that come to mind when bill and i think about our sweet babies...

ellakate at age 4: helper, protector, thoughtful, artistic, giving

josiah at age 3: tender, loving, simple, quiet, smart,

miley at age 2: sassy, fun, animated, entertainer, cuddly

adalyn at age 7 weeks: easy, content, sleepy, kissable, snuggly

look who is smiling fun is this?? here are my babies at 7 weeks old:)

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