Saturday, May 21, 2011

stepmudders, donuts and sass!

i just walked into the girl's bedroom and heard josiah telling them a "ghost story about mean stepmudders". i don't have a clue where they get this stuff from! but now, as i type this, miley is the "stepmudder" who is chasing ella kate and josiah around the house while all 3 are screaming and laughing!

also.. last night i was bathing the baby while bill was outside eating krispy kreme doughnuts with the other kids. josiah came upstairs to use the bathroom and told me, "momma, can you huwwy (hurry) and wipe me before da girls(meaning ek and miley) eat all da doughnuts!" :)

after bath time, i was feeding adalyn and bill was trying to braid ella kate's hair. apparently it wasn't the way that she wanted it to be because she said, "uhh... dad? i know you are getting old and maybe you just can see that good anymore. or.... maybe, you just can't remember how to do it!" :)

look at this sweet bundle of CUTE-NESS!!! smiling at miney moe:)
and this, my friends, is an everyday occurance! my sassafrass lives a hard life:)and one more pic of my growing baby girl:)

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