Monday, May 16, 2011

look at this chubby cutie! sweet sisters
everyone loves a fake smile:)note to self: corndogs are not the best choice of food for a picnic

oh, and did i mention that my baby girl graduated k-4?? geez... time flies!!

i also wanted to share a few funny bits:

josiah was crawling up to the top bunk which is now ella kate's bed. she wasn't happy about it so she said, "get off my bed, siah! my doll is up there and she does NOT like boys!!"

josiah has a new saying which was so cute at first, but now is getting on my nerves! when he is trying to get our attention whether it is to ask us something, or wipe his hiney he now LOUDLY says, "pssst!!" he does it until we acknowledge him or look his way, then he proceeds with what he was wanting to tell us:)

on mother's day ella kate looked at me sweetly and said, "momma, i don't think you are mean at all! i think you are as sweet as a unicorn!" which was sweet to me, because ella kate loves unicorns! then miley chipped in, "momma i fink you a HIPPO!!" now, i am sure she meant that as sweet as possible!

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