Friday, July 8, 2011

just when i think that i have it all together...

just when i think that i have it all together...

i hear ella kate say to josiah, "do you need me to kick you or are you gonna get out of my seat?!?"

then i see josiah accidentally bump into miley while walking to the car. she screams out. josiah sweetly apologizes. then miley whacks him saying, "that was not ass-dent, siah!! you did on purfuss!!" (accident and purpose). she crosses her arms on her chest and scowls at him.


i am so thankful for my sweet, non-dramatic little boy! maybe all boys are mellow like him, or maybe it is just that my girls are extra sassy and dramatic... either way, they are mine. and i love them all! i was spending time with jos this morning in my room when he looked at me and said, "momma, what are you gonna be when you grow up?" i smiled at him and said, "hmmm... i'm probably just gonna be a mommy!" he was shocked and said, "WHAT?!?! dat's not good! momma's don't do anyfing! they just talk alot and give spankins'!"

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  1. Oh, the things that kids say! I stayed home when our kids were young & soon realized that a working family member thought that I didn't do anything all day and that I couldn't carry on an intelligent conversation. At yearly family gatherings, she would have everyone go around & tell of their "accomplishments" for the past year. Every woman there worked outside the home except my mother-in-law & me. We listened to glowing, wonderful accomplishments. When it came my turn, she folded her hands, looked at me, & asked, "And what do you do?" Now, how do you explain that you run your home like a well-oiled corporation, never stop to eat, cook, sew, teach, mend, etc. I just sighed & replied, "Nothing really...I just sit home all day, eat bob-bons, & watch soap operas."