Thursday, July 28, 2011

sweet little sleepers...

jos is a limber little guy... especially when he is sleeping:) i went in to go check on all of my babies and i found him like this... and i LOVE how miley always has a baby snuggled up and her thumb in her mouth! i can always tell when she is asleep, even if i am on the other side of the house. her "sucks" on her thumb get super loud and smacky sounding:)
and i don't have a picture of these two sleeping tonight, but i do have a cute one of them in the bath tub.. or the "b-tub", as miley calls it. she also calls ponytails, "p-tails". in the car tonight, ella kate told me that she was "a little bit hungry". josiah immediately chimed in and said, "..and i am big, BIG hungry!" these kids are eating me out of house and home!
oh, and i wanted to share something else. all of my kids loved playing peek-a-boo when they toddlers. miley LOVES playing it with adalyn. she calls it "pick-a-boobie!" :) i remember when ek and jos were 2, they called it "pick-ee-oo!" and "key-boo!" cute.cute.cute.

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