Wednesday, July 6, 2011

naptimes, nana and such..

let me start off and say that i tried to do a "photo shoot" with my sleepy head the other morning. it started off great...uh oh, my head is getting a bit heavy...(yawn) i am getting sleepy..oh, here is my thumb!i think i will just lay here mom, wake me when you are done!on a different note, i also wanted to say how much we LOVE this special lady:) i think it is so cool how the Lord puts people in your life for different seasons of your life, and we are so thankful for our adoptive nana!! she has blessed us in more ways than we could have ever imagined! she is super duper special and loves us *almost* as much as we love her! it baffles me that she adores our kids so much that she actually calls and asks if i have anything to do so she can come over and watch them!?!?! what a blessing!! this morning i was able to take the big two to the library and nana kept the little girls at home. miley was SO excited to be able to stay home and have all of nana's attention:) and i had a blast with these guys as we read books and ate mexican!! ((thanks nana!!!))while at the restaurant, i asked the kids if they were having fun. they both excitedly said yes, but then josiah said, "but, i very wish i was having a date wiff dah-ee(daddy)!" ella kate (out of nowhere) snapped back, "well, you can't have a date with daddy because he is at work! but you can have a date with a spankin'! you gotta be thankful!"

while at the library, ella kate made me laugh some more! while we were browsing for books, she ran to me with these two that she picked out for me and bill. anyone who knows bill, knows that he is buddy the elf! this guys LOVES christmas and winter and snow and everything that comes with it! he starts the christmas countdown every year on december 26th! as a matter of fact, he rented a christmas movie on netflix just last night!! so it was obvious that the christmas tree book was for him:) my family got together and played volleyball this past weekend and ella kate immediately saw this and picked it out for me!! how cute!

and it got cuter, when she snuck away and put our books in our "spots" up on our bed when we got home:) one more thing... after supper last night, i was putting the dishes in the dishwasher. ella kate hollered out to me, "momma! come here and look!! i am trashin' the kitchen floor!!" i walked over to the hallway and saw that she was sweeping:) hey, sweeping... trashing... they are all the same, right?

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