Sunday, July 10, 2011

cute conversations..

while driving down the road the other day, josiah asked if we could sing the "bbs songs" (vbs). normally we hook up bill's ipod in the car and they can sing their little hearts out, but bill took his ipod to work with him that particular morning. ella kate took it upon herself to explain the situation to jos. it sounded a little like this: "yeah.. daddy always keeps his ipod with him when he goes to the potty because he likes to play this game where the mean birds try and hit the pigs because they stole their eggs." this made me laugh because she was referring to the game "angry birds" which bill DOES play while he's on the potty:)

speaking of singing vbs songs. this weekend we were in the car and we had vbs songs playing. (we have vacation bible school songs on bill's ipod all the way from 2007. the kids LOVE them!)anyhoo.. this was the conversation that we heard between jos and ek...
ek: "hey 'siah, do you know who oomi is?"
jos: "oomi zoomi??" (the cartoon)
ek: "no.. do you know who OOMI is?"
jos:" "yeah.. oomi zoomi!"
ek: "no 'siah! do you know who oomi is!?!"
jos: "i don't understand."
ek: "oomi is jesus!!"
jos: "ohh..."

now.. this will not make ANY sense to you, but bill and i were dying laughing! one of the vbs songs from last year was called "i am" and the chorus went something like this...

"i am who the great I AM says i am,

i am one of his greatest creations,

he says that i am remarkably, wonderfully made,

i am who he says i am!"

but what ella kate hears, is the very last stanza saying, "i am oomi says i am!" :)

and one last car ride conversation between ek and jos. josiah had just gotten a new booster seat for the car and ella kate was looking at the pamphlet that came with it. she looks to josiah and says, "hey i can read this to you. wanna hear?" he shakes his head yes, so she proceeds to read in this HILARIOUS monotone voice. "hello. this is your new carseat book. there are lots of warnings and accidents. you may sit in your seat the right way because you will bump into a car and crash if your momma has to tell you 2 times."

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