Friday, July 29, 2011

missing nonny..

i can't believe that my sweet nonny will have been in heaven for 2 years this august!! i still miss her and think of her often! ella kate surprisingly remembers her and talks about her a good bit. tonight in the car, ella kate was watching the rain from her window. she starts asking me questions about weather nonny is helping the sky rain down, and which cloud nonny is sitting on:) then she says, "i sure hope nonny comes back home soon!! she has never got to meet our new baby, and i know that she would LOVE her!!"

tonight in the bath tub, miley got to be the "helper" and hold adalyn while i bathed her. she did such a great job by holding her so tight and sitting real still. when she was done, i told her how proud i was of her. she stood up and clapped her hands and said, "i's such a big girl!! i's so proud!!"

i have mentioned before that our sweet, chunky, sleepy little adalyn is a spitter. she spits up a good bit, everyday. it isn't uncommon for her to spit up while she is sleeping, and wake up with dried, sticky, crusty hair plastered to her head. this morning was no different. when she woke up, i got her and brought her into my bedroom to feed her. the other kids were lying on my bed. sweet josiah leans in to kiss his baby sister good morning on her cheek when he says, "ewww! our baby smells HORRIBLE!!"

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