Sunday, September 4, 2011


the kids have been at it again, and i want to remember the things that they say:

*jos and ek went to the dentist for the first time last week. ( i know, i know.. i am probably the ONLY mom on the planet who had a 5 year old that had never seen a dentist before..) anyhoo... they did GREAT!! i was so proud of them! jos was completely confident and sat up in the chair all by himself, just a smilin' and showing off his cute dimple:) at one point, the dr (who was a male... and AMAZING by the way) said to jos, "hey! these teeth are perfect!! are you sure you didn't buy these from target?" josiah was a little confused and replied, "uhhh no ma'am. i fink dare mine!" (i think they are mine) cute boy! ella kate did great too, although she tends to need a little more assurance. at one point she cried, but it was so quick and she got over it really fast! they both left with great checkups and perfect smiles:)

*i have been reading a book about the 5 love languages of your children. my kids are so alike, yet completely different, so i think it is really important to figure out the best way to love and communicate with them individually. one night after supper, josiah was sitting in bill's lap eating a popsicle. i watched him and thought about asking him what made him happy. i was thinking that he would say something like, 'sitting in daddy's lap or momma reading a book to him, or going on dates with daddy' but instead when i asked him "what makes you happy, bud?" he replied, "mrs. tk!" (his teacher at preschool and ella kate's bff) then he said, "and it makes me WEALLY happy when mrs. tk wets me go to treasure box!!" :)

*we were on our way to our friend's baby's first bday party. ella kate was looking at kendall's invitation that had her picture on it. after staring at it for a while, she said, "kendall is so cute! i wish our baby was that cute!!" true story. kendall is a beautiful baby:) during that same car ride, ella kate saw that i wasn't wearing my swim suit and asked me why i wasn't going to swim at the party. i told her, "i can't swim today. i have adalyn and i will most likely be sitting in the shade with her." her response was, "well, can't you just call nana and ask her to keep her this afternoon so you can swim?" me: "well, i would ask her, but she has already watched adalyn twice this week so i could take y'all to the dentist and go see mrs. ashley's new baby. so i think nana might need a break." ek: "well, you really should call her! she wont mind! she LOVES our baby!" :)

*i was painting the girls' fingernails one afternoon. i told them to hold still and wait for the polish to dry. after a few seconds, miley said, "i'm so firsty for my fumb, momma! is it dry now?" she loves sucking that thumb!!

*josiah is hungry. all. day. long. it drives me bonkers! he wakes up asking for bre-past, then the vicious cycle of meals/snacks begins:) while we were in the car, he asked me for a snack but i told him he would have to wait until we got home. his response, "i'm so hungry! i asked you a million times last year!" ??? don't have a clue where that came from!

*miley (as usual) woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, so she was super grumpy and whiney. while i was bathing her and ella kate tonght, miley looked at me and said completely unprompted, "momma! i so sorry i was mean at ya today! i not ever do dat again. ok?" it was so sweet:) then ella kate told me while she was holding adalyn in the bathtub, "momma, when adalyn was born, i was like, oh my word! this is the cutest baby!! ...even if she does have a hairy hiney!"

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