Thursday, September 15, 2011

sweet jos and some other random bits..

for our nana nan's birthday, we all went and ate at s&s cafeteria. it was apparently kids night and there was a clown doing face painting. as soon as my girls got a glimpse of the clown, they went BONKERS and screamed bloody murder. however, our brave josiah was super excited to become spiderman!! look at this handsome fella:) he got this mustache from the quarter machine at publix for being a sweet boy!

his pre-k teacher, mrs. tk, sent me this picture of him on the playground and i LOVE it.. and him:)
this was on my phone from a while ago, but here are ek and jos comforting each other during the "fire" at the japanese restaurant. sweet, sweet...bill and jos went "hunting" the other weekend. they were wanting to shoot turtles (how mean is that??) jos came home ALL excited that he got to shoot a gun AND get his very own red powerade:)off the subject here, but ella kate made me a coupon the other day for milk:) i wish i uploaded a pic of this, but jos did a little project about his hands at school. they traced both hands and then said what their hands could do. for instance, they can drive a car, build blocks, make a sandwich.. you get the picture?? well, i wanted to cry when i saw my sweet jos' picture that said, "my hands can hold babies!" could he be any sweeter?

after he kissed adalyn for the upteenth time, he said "our baby is the BEST baby ever! can we have 10 more babies??"

while at walmart the other night, miley had to poop. so i take her to the restroom and after 10 minutes of her just sitting there, i said, "hurry up, baby!! we got to go!!" she cracked me up when she responded with, "uhhh mom, don't freak out!!" then she proceeded to trip over her own feet and ended up falling on her bare bottom on the nasty walmart bathroom floor. eww.

we were needing to leave the house one afternoon so i asked ella kate if she was ready to go. with a BIG sigh and LOTS of sass, she replied "i'm as ready as i'll ever be."

it was nap time at the davis house and i was calling all of the kids to go potty and get in their beds. jos was (of course) kissing and loving all over adalyn. when i told him he needed to go take a nap, he asked, "can i kiss her a wittle while wonger?"

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