Thursday, September 8, 2011

blue skies!

look at this!! isn't it just beautiful?? this is mine and yaya's favorite color blue sky! it makes me so happy!! i wish it made this hot mess happy... but "her was habbin' a hard day!!"

this cooler weather has given me "fall fever!!" i can hardly stand it!! we have been outside running and jumping all day, everyday! we have even eaten lunch/supper outside!! while josiah was at preschool one morning, the girls and i headed outside for some fun! they loved jumping high like "super girl!"

they also LOVE playing "angel". i am sure it has a proper name, but that is what they call the game where they fly in the air on my feet:)

i didn't want josiah to feel left out, so i made sure i got some pics of him when we picked him up:)

adalyn enjoyed playing "angel" too!
thank you jesus for this amazing weather!! we needed a break from the unbearable heat!!

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