Thursday, September 8, 2011

i need to keep my eyes on her!!

((oh my sweet, sweet ella kate!! where have i gone wrong?!?))

this afternoon, ella kate, adalyn and i met with my friend cynthia for lunch. we had some coupons for some free pizza and were in need of some chit chat! (by the way, we had 2 small cheese pizza's, 2 soft drinks, a water and 2 ranch dipping sauces and only paid $1.07!!! AND we had leftovers! i love me a good deal!!) anyhoo... while we were there, cynthia had given ella kate some purses that her girls don't use anymore. ella kate was thrilled and was playing with them while cynthia and i were catching up. well, right after we ate, we went to pick up josiah and miley from preschool and she was so excited to show them her new purses. she showed jos a purse in the backseat. "that's cool, l-kate! what's inside??" he said. ella kate opens the purse up and says, "well, i gotta straw, a napkin, some knives and forks and some rocks!!" i turn around to see that she has ACTUAL silverware from the restaurant and decorative pebbles that were on the patio that she stuffed into her purse!! what in the world??? looks like we will be making another trip to mellow mushroom tonight to return these items to their rightful owner!

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