Tuesday, September 6, 2011


* at ella kate and josiah's birthday, (i STILL need to upload pics from that!) miley was watching them open their presents. after each one was opened she would sweetly say, "ohhh, dat's berry niiiiice!!" (the 'nice' was pronounced as southern as it gets!)

* she woke up from her nap one afternoon and asked, "momma can i hab a "fro lup?" i was only half listening, and completely confused, so i asked her, "what? you need to throw up??" she replied, "no a FRO LUP!!!" ella kate walks by and without skipping a beat she said, "mom, she wants a fruit roll up."

*she was looking at her naked rear-end in the mirror today when she said, "momma, i got a big, BIG hiney, just like YOU!!!"

*tonight after their bath, bill was brushing miley's hair. these curly headed babies get a lot of tangles, so hair brushing isn't a favorite past time here at the davis house! anyway, while bill was brushing , miley said, "look daddy! i not crying!" bill replied, "i know! i am so proud of you! you are so tough!" she smiled and said, "i BERRY tough!"

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