Thursday, August 16, 2012

school, friends and sweaty pigs

look at these sweet faces... they started school this week and are LOVING it! i feel as though i have been on the fence about school for quite some time. up until 3 weeks ago, i was going to home school ella kate and josiah for kindergarten. however, God opened some doors for a great opportunity to attend a christian school here in town, and the only stipulation is that they have to attend public school for a semester. the school that we are zoned for is not our ideal school, but we have covered our kids in prayer, and are trusting that we are doing what is best for now:) here are our 2 big kindergartners and our big k3!
 josiah came home from the school on the first day and told me he made TONS of new friends, but their names were a little long and he couldn't remember them:) here is a snippet of his roster! ha!
 last night at supper, he told me, "momma, if my shoe laces come untied at school, it's ok.. cause my friend raeshaun ties them for me!" so today when i picked him up, i asked him if raeshaun tied his shoes again, and he said, "no ma'am. my friend antoniyah did today.." cute boy. ella kate has also made some new friends, named daziyah, janay and carmen.
we also just celebrated my sweet boy's 5th birthday! he woke up that morning and told bill, "i can't beweive i'm 5!! i fink i can eat whatever i want, pway whatever i want and sleep whenever i want!" it WAS his special day, but he is still 5... so he got donuts for breakfast, krystal burgers for lunch and applebees for supper with yaya! royal treatment:) he also got an angry birds watch and was just as thrilled as if he won a million dollars! i love how easy he is:) he and ella kate are having a birthday party this weekend, so we'll have more to share then:)
 happy birthday sweet boy! you are such an amazing little man and your daddy and i are so blessed to be able to call you ours! we love you to the moon!

on a funnier note... i have a miley story to share:) the other night we were driving and miley was eating some goldfish in the backseat. they were in a tupperware dish and she was in her own little world pretending that they were locked in the "jungeon" (dungeon) by a big green monster. ella kate interrupted her "playtime" and asked:
ek:"miley, can i have some of your goldfish?"
miley:"well.... maybe...... if you scratch my back."
she proceeds to lean forward and pull her shirt up so ella kate will have better access:)
ella kate has a blank stare and says to me, "uhh, mom? miley's asking me to scratch her back!"
miley: "well, mom.. she is asking for my goldfish!"

also.. we walked up to the school one afternoon this week to pick up ek and jos. i was pushing the stroller and miley was trudging along. she whined ALMOST the entire time. her legs were dying, she was tired, her feet were breaking, and she was too too sweaty!! i told her, "i'm so hot, too! look at me... i am sweating like a pig!" she looks at me and then looks around us and says, "well... i am sweaty like uhhh.... uhhh... a big fat tree!!" :)

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