Friday, August 3, 2012

Fumbs and romance:)

Miley sucks her thumb. It has been a hard habit to break. Bill has been trying to help her quit, but she is just "firsty for her fumb!" today in the car, ella kate told her that her friends might make fun of her teeth if she keeps sucking her thumb. Miley made a frowny face at her and asked, "mom, are my friends gonna make fun of me? Cause that's not berry nice!" I told her that wouldn't be nice, because we don't need to make fun of people when they are different than us. Ella Kate chimes in and says, yeah.. We only make fun of people who are the same as us!" what? where have we gone wrong?

Josiah loves to read! LOVES it! He is full fledged reading chapter books at the ripe ol' age of 4!! He also is into addition problems. He did 2 full pages of math problems. And they weren't 2+2.. They were 9+7 and 6+8 and such.. And he got ALL of them right! Some of his numbers were written backwards.. But I knew what he meant. Anyhoo... Back to the reading.. He was reading me some verses from the bible that he learned in VBS, and they were from the book of "romance".. Not Romans.. He told me I wasn't sounding it out right.:)

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