Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sweet times..

Miley was complaining (yet agin..) of being too little to do something. Josiah looks at her just as sweet as can be and says, "it's ok, miley. You'll always be God's little princess!"

I was reading the book, 'I'll love you forever' to my kids yesterday. I totally cried.. Bawled my eyes out! However, my moment was interrupted when I read the part about "the boy grew, and he grew, and he grew and he grew. Until he was 9 years old...... And at times he drove his mom crazy." (something like that.. I'm not sure the exact page) but as soon as I read that last sentence about driving his mom crazy, Ella Kate excitedly said, "hey! That's just like what you tell us! You say we drive you crazy, too!!!" my sappy moment was ruined.. I can't believe she called me out like that:)

Levi had his two month check up last week (or the week before.. I can't remember) he was 12 lb 12oz and 25 in long! 75% weight, 95% length and 25% for his sweet little head:) if it were possible for someone to have their skin kissed off, it would happen to Levi! We love to kiss him all over.. Even the kids! He is smiling all of the time with his sweet dimples. I have got to upload pics on this blog, soon! I lay him down at night around 9pm and he sleeps til 7am. I feed him at 7am and put him back to sleep and he will snooze some more until 10am when he starts his day:) I can't complain! He loves bath time, sleeping on his tummy and sucking his right thumb. Riding in the car is getting better, but heaven forbid we get stopped at a red light or stuck in a drive thru:) he likes to keep moving! He has the signature Davis pouty lip, and although it isn't often, I love to watch him cry:) he has the sweetest sad face! Adalyn is still crazy about him and loves to kiss her "baybay". She rubs his belly or head and covers him in slobbery lovin'. Sweet, sweet!

Speaking of adalyn.. She is still large and in charge:) her speech is picking up a bit, but there are still plenty of times where she grunts and points at what she wants. Her hair is out of control and she loves to have it brushed and fixed. She smiles at herself in the mirror and says, "pree". (pretty) she loves books and will back her big hiney up and into your lap at any given moment for you to read to her. She also loves baby dolls, necklaces and dancing shoes:) although she can only master walking in just one at a time. She loves to give hugs and kisses, so If bill or I are holding her, it is not uncommon for her to grab our face and plant a big, juicy wet one on us! It doesn't matter what you are doing or where you are looking.. Those chubby hands will grab your face and she is determined to give you some lovin'!

We were at sam's this weekend.. Or was it Costco.. I can't remember. Anyhoo.. Josiah was looking at the birthday cupcakes they had on display. He very loudly asked, "Daddy, Can I have a Justin Beaver birthday party?!?" (Justin Bieber) ha! Bill turned a nice shade of red and quietly said, "no, son. And don't ever ask that again!" hilarious!

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