Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pieces of my day..

I'm sorry, mr truck driver sir, I had no idea that my kids could pick up your conversation with their walkie-talkies. In all seriousness though, they really did think that you were their daddy!

My day started off with adalyn waking up in her crib with a busted stinky diaper. It was everywhere! Ironically, Levi woke up in his bed with a soaken wet diaper, shirt, and everything else. Clean crib sheets all around! 

In a matter of seconds, adalyn dumped out a box of tampons, emptied an entire carton of q-tips and fell into the bathtub. All while wearing some of my underwear around her neck as a necklace.

Ella Kate and Miley thought that it would be a good idea to get in my makeup and smear my outlast lipstick on their faces... But that stuff is true to its name. We have scrubbed and scrubbed and that junk is staying!

EK, Jos, and Miley came into my room with their bathing suits. Miley, complete with hands on hips, said to me, "we have our baydee suits on and that means you HAVE to take us swimming!"

I wish I knew how much candy/junk adalyn consumes on any given day. Her siblings have made her rotten! Just today, I saw Ella Kate giving her a tootsie roll. She smiled and said, "mom, this is her 3rd tootsie roll! She keeps asking for more! I gave her a lollipop, but she likes these better." I told her that I appreciated her help, but it is just fine to tell adalyn "no". She only has 6 teeth and I would like for them to not rot!

Do you know how annoying the sound of "dancing shoes" (plastic high heels) on tile floor, on five little feet, all day long is? It's enough to drive you batty, but I have been blessed with 3 precious girly girls and dancing shoes are their passion! Miley and Ella Kate have mastered walking in high heels, but adalyn can only walk with one dancing shoe on at a time. She is so proud to be clanking around the house with the big girls:)

The other day, Erin watched my kids so I could take adalyn to the allergist. (btw.. She is allergic to peanuts and dogs!) the girls were dressed up as princesses and Josiah couldn't find anything to wear. He said to my sister, "sissy? Do you have a prince costume? Or a super hero that I can wear?" she didn't, so he said, "ok.. I guess I'll just be a royal zebra." ??!?!? I don't have a clue what a royal zebra is or where he got that from.  But, Erin said he crawled around the house and the girls would call for the "royal zebra" to come and play with them:)

After my kids ate cereal, Josiah apparently didn't push his bowl up from the table far enough. So, adalyn reaches up and knocks the bowl onto the floor. The milk and cereal bits spill and splash all over the floor. She tries to walk away but slips and slides and crashes into the wall. She starts crying so Josiah runs into the kitchen to help, but ends up stepping into the spilt milk and falls, too. Disaster!

Just watched adalyn dribble juice out of her mouth onto the kitchen floor. She was doing it on purpose, and was "drawing" on the floor with her fingers.

The kids were building forts in the living room. While trying to assemble everything, Miley accidentally drops a 3lb dumbbell on Josiah's forehead. He has a huge goose egg and bruise.. It looks as though he is growing a horn!

The kids were getting ready for bed in my bathroom when I asked them if they remembered to wipe and wash their hands. Miley was already dressed when she let out a huge sigh and said, "aww man! I forgot!" she starts to pull her pants back down to wipe when I tell her never mind. Her TT was already on her panties now so there was no use in wiping now. She cocked her head to the side and said, "but mom!! My hiney will be scratchin' if I don't wipe!" yes.. This is true.. But you need to wipe when you go potty, not five minutes later!

Miley told me one night that she ate a worm! I asked her why, and she said that it was so the ants would have sumpin' to eat. I asked her what ants, and she said, the ones that she swallowed before she ate the worm! Gross.

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