Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miley is holding Levi on my bed when I tell her, " Miley, I think he looks like you!" she smiles, kisses him, then says, "well, that means he's beautiful!" :) and she is darn right! Ha!

She was also trying to count to 100 at the supper table this week when Josiah chimed in and started to "help" her count. She was not amused and quickly snapped at him. "Stop! Rudeness, Josiah! Rudeness!"

The kids love coming in my room in the morning when I'm feeding Levi to kiss HIM, not me:) Josiah is the first one to get in his face and say, "I missed you at night Levi. Did you have a great sleep?" this particular morning, Ella Kate wanted some extra snuggles with him before school and asked if I would take their picture. Please disregard Levi's crazy bed head:)

This weekend the weather was amazing! Especially for August in Georgia! Bill did yard work most of the day and I rigged up a water slide for the big kids in our back yard.

Totally ghetto or redneck.. Either way, they loved it! Here they are posing with their Popsicles.

And in case you were wondering if adalyn has been behaving herself I will leave you with these 2 pictures.. She loves headphones!!

She also loves to hide in Miley's closet:)

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