Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adalyn, you are 18 months old! Can you believe it? You have changed so much recently and we are having SO much fun with you! Your personality is shining through and you are a great mixture of sweetness and sass:) you remind us a lot of your big sister, Miley.

At your check up this week, you weighed 26.8lb and was 32 in tall. 75% across the board:) you are in a size 5 diaper, size 18mo clothes and a size 5-6 shoe.

You LOVE to eat! Mealtime is a favorite for you!! You will eat just about anything but your favorites are cheese, strawberries, grapes, popcorn, green beans, turkey, pancakes, mini waffles, fruit cups, yogurt, green peas... The list goes on and on:)

Your favorite things to play with are babies, babies, and more babies! You constantly have one in your arms or are pushing one around in a stroller. You love to kiss them, bounce them and shhh them.

You also love cell phones! And shoes.. Any kind of shoes, but dancing shoes (plastic high heels) are your favorite! Whenever you get dressed, you love to smile and say, "pree!" (Pretty) you also love to dance. Your favorite song to dance to is Justin Bieber's song, "baby". You try and sing the chorus.. Hilarious! You also love to sing and dance to VBS music, Amazing Wonders Aviation.

Levi and Bristol get kisses all the time, but here you are kissing sweet cousin, Coleman:)

You are a momma's girl through and through! You don't like to venture off very far from me. You love kissing daddy, and giggle when his scruffy face tickles you. You know all of your siblings names, but haven't tried to say them yet. If I tell you to go give something to Josiah, you will wander around the house until you find him. If I tell you to go kiss Ella Kate, then you start looking for her as well. Levi is probably your favorite right now, but you have a sweet relationship with them all.

You are still talking up a storm, but most of it is jibberish:) you also continue to keep me on my toes... This week you mastered the bunk beds. Talk about giving me a heart attack!!!

We love you SO much, sweet girl! I cannot imagine this life without seeing your cute face everyday! I'm so glad that you are mine!

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