Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Levi is 4 months!

Levi Nicholas, you are 4 months old! What a joy these past 4 months have been. You are SO easy and content. You rarely cry and you smile at anyone who looks your way! You are still nursing and I don't plan on starting anything else anytime soon. At your check up yesterday, you weighed 15lb and was 28in long! You are in the 75th percentile for weight, 90th for length and 10th for your cute, little head. When you were born, your head circumference was in the 30th percentile, at 2mo it dropped to the 25th percentile, and now at 4mo it is in the 10th. The drs said in the beginning that they might be a little concerned if your head closed up prematurely, but you can still feel your sweet soft spot, so they are just gonna watch it. Either way.. I LOVE your precious head:) it's perfect to us!

Your sisters and brother ADORE you! Ella Kate asks to hold you everyday, and Adalyn gives you kisses all day long. At any given moment, I can find slobber dripping from the top of your head, from where Adalyn has covered you in lovin. Miley and Josiah love you to pieces too, and are patting you, rubbing your head and making you smile. You love your bouncy seat, and on this particular day, Miley gave you a friend to cuddle with:)

You tried to eat her:)

You sleep on your belly and suck your middle two fingers on either hand. You were sleeping a solid 12 hours at night until recently. now you wake up after 9hrs, I feed you, then you go right back to sleep. You are a MUCH better car rider now. As a matter of fact, I cannot remember the last time you cried in the car. SO thankful:)

You are a tender hearted little Davis, just like your siblings. You have a sympathy cry that you do when someone else is crying. If Bristol, Adalyn or another baby in nursery at church starts crying, your bottom lip automatically sticks out and you cry with them:)

I know you love me, but daddy just might be your favorite person. He calls you "buddy ro" and you just smile and giggle at him. Y'all have the sweetest conversations at night when comes home from work. He LOVES you and we enjoy our nighttime snuggles in our bed with you when the other kids are already asleep. Although it makes me sad how fast you growing, we are so thankful that you are healthy and happy! We can't wait to see you grow more and more.. Love you sweet boy!

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