Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This was my view one afternoon while I was keeping my friend's baby, Bristol:)

Ella Kate and Maddie got to celebrate their 6th birthdays with a trip to American Girl!

Sweet Levi..

Crazy hair day..

Sweet, sweet smiles:)

Loves to suck his middle fingers just like Adalyn!

Levi and Bristol 3 months.

Cute boys!

You would think that since I have two big kids that go to school, that my house would stay clean. Umm.. No! Not when I have this cute tornado whipping through:)

I mean, seriously though, who can get mad at this face?!

This is also another daily ritual. Miley would color all day, everyday. And she does so, at the kitchen table with all of my clean laundry that I need to fold and put away. And please notice the spatula in the door handles of the pantry:) another effort to keep the beast out! Ha!

Adalyn loves her some boy pajamas and baseball caps...

Miley showing Levi the fun things on the iPad.

Adalyn LOVES her some babies! She is constantly holding a baby doll, pushing one in her stroller, or bouncing, kissing and shh-ing one on her chest. She was in heaven when we let her hold Levi and Bristol:)

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