Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Miley, Miley, Miley...

Miley dressed herself one morning and when I commented on how cute she looked, she smiled and said, "yes! My shirt is amazing and this skirt is delightful!!"

Bill put some flea powder in the yard and when the kids saw it, they were commenting on how white it was and how it looked like snow! Miley gasped and said,"whoa! This is so comp-icated!"

Miley was talking to her friends at lunch about a playdate that she was going to have with mrs. Lori. She was very excited when she said, "mrs lori is taking me to the park, and to target, and to make cookies, and she is gonna make us piña coladas!!" haha.. Poor mrs Lori. I have a confession. This summer, while I was ginormously pregnant and then ginormously hot, and postpartum.. I was addicted to making piña coladas at home. Of course I shared them with my kids and of course they were non-alcoholic:) bill kept telling me that I should call them slushies, in fear that our kids would get us in trouble by talking about piña coladas at church.. And sure enough, Miley has spilled the beans and blamed it on mrs. Lori! Lori has never made one for her before, but I think that Miley was just trying to name every fun thing possible that they could do:)

Miley was holding Levi in the bathtub for me last night and he was smiling and "talking" to her. She loved it and said, "momma, levi really likes me! And he told me I am his beautiful princess!"

The kids love to destroy their room. I seriously don't know why I even bother cleaning it.. You can never tell. Last night, they were playing "library" when it was time for bed. Bill went in there and told them to start cleaning up and to find the bible story book that he reads to them every night. He laid on Ella Kate's bed while the kids were picking things up. Miley crawls up next to him on the bed and lays her head on his chest.
Bill asked her, "Miley, why aren't you cleaning with the others?"
Miley: "because my feet are too tired to clean... And I just want to snuggle you cause you are so soft... And you smell really good... And uh, daddy? (while rubbing his bare chest and pointing at a lonely stray hair) this one is out of place.. It belongs over here with the rest of them. (now pointing to a small patch of hair in the center of his chest) :)ha!

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