Tuesday, December 1, 2009

josiah is so cute!

today in the car, josiah was talking about pink flamingos. the way he says it is hilarious, and everyone always laughs. i will have to get a clip of him saying it soon and share it with you. he is napping right now, but maybe when he wakes up.... anywho! after we all laughed in the car at josiah, ella kate says, "hey momma! 'siah is so cute! maybe we can tell dr. nafan (dr. nathan, our pediatrician) that 'siah is so cute, and dr. nafan can take 'siah home to his house! isn't that a great idea??"
i don't know how she thinks of this stuff!? i know she really does love him, and they had a really good day together today, too! no arguing or fighting at all! but in the back of her mind, she is brainstorming a way to get rid of him! don't worry though, josiah is staying with us:)

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