Wednesday, February 3, 2010

growing.. growing

miley will be 16 mo old tomorrow!! how in the world is my baby girl that big?!? it has gone by so fast and we have enjoyed every minute of her sweet little life:) she is on the go quite often... following ella kate and josiah everywhere they go. it really is sweet to watch:) ella kate is the "leader" and josiah is her "follower" copying ella kate's every move and saying everything that she says... and then there is miley... their slow and clumsy little shadow:) she laughs when they laugh and tries to jump when they are jumping.. you name it, she does it! she also has become a little talker. she doesn't say near as many words as her sweet cousin eve... but she does say a few cute things! for instance, she looks at our dogs in the back yard and says, "duck! ruh, ruh, ruh! (ruff)" and today eve was pushing miley in the baby doll stroller and when she plowed her into the kitchen table, miley said, "ousssshhh!! (ouch)" little cutie:)