Friday, February 19, 2010

if i stand on my tiptoes, i can see spring from here!

what a beautiful day it is today! we needed a sunshine-y warm day and i am SO thankful we got one:) i am so ready for spring, sundresses and flip flops! i can't wait! here are a few recent pics of the kids!

my mom bought ella kate and josiah some bubbles, and ella kate decided to blow some up to heaven for nonny! (i love this... it was TOTALLY her own idea!)

next, ella kate wanted to play "hotch scotch" (hop scotch) we have never played this before, so i am guessing she learned this at preschool?!?

then it was josiah's turn... he was hilarious! but please ignore my hideous shrubs with the stretch armstrong limbs... i'll make sure that my sweet hubby takes care of them this weekend:) also.. ignore all of my goodies in the background from babies r us, i had just finished unloading the car!

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