Friday, February 12, 2010

munsters and messes..

during nap time the other day, i went upstairs to use the restroom without an audience:) i turned the corner of the bathroom and saw ella kate standing there, staring at me. it really startled me and i said, "ooohhh! you scared me, ella kate!" looking concerned she said, "but hey! i'm not a munster(monster), i'm a kid!"
josiah and miley could not be more different. actually, all 3 of the babies are so different, but this particular incident happens to be with the little two! josiah is my helper when i need to pick up the toys, he likes to stack his blocks in a perfect tower which he calls his birdhouse, line up his matchbox cars in perfect lines, put his grapes in neat piles.. you name it! the boy likes his stuff perfect! miley on the other hand, CANNOT stand clean, neat or orderly. she is the first to destroy her clean room, swat at josiah's "birdhouse" (tower of blocks), kick his cars out of line and destroy anything else that looks to be too perfect. she was a stinker last night as i was sweeping the kitchen floor. i swept all of the crumbs into a little pile and then turned to get the dust pan. in a matter of seconds, miley was aggravated by the pile of crumbs. i watched her squat down, smear her hands in the pile of trash and spread it around to where it was messy again, brush her hands off on her pants and walk off as if saying, "my work here is done!" :)

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