Tuesday, February 9, 2010


ella kate has been working VERY hard to help me out lately. she has been cleaning her room, "trying" to make her bed, puts all of her dishes in the sink after a meal and other random little tasks that she does all on her own without me having to threaten her life:) i went to her room one night to help her turn down her bed and get ready for some sleepy time, but she had already turned down her bed spread and put all of the decorative pillows up and it looked perfect. i thanked her and told her that i was so proud of her for knowing how to do that by herself and for actually doing it! she smiled at me and said, "your welcome, but momma... you forgot to show me your fums!" i looked at her and said, "what?" and she said, "like this! you forgot to do this!"apparently i give her more 'thumbs up' than i thought:)

also.. a story about my sweet josiah! i love that boy:) we were getting ready to leave the house one morning for me to go and exercise and all 3 of the babies were downstairs watching tv. i called for them to turn the tv off and to come to the front door. ella kate and josiah raced up the stairs and left miley all by her slow little lonesome. she started crying out as she was trying to scurry up the stairs. so josiah goes back to her and says, "don't cwy bay-mi-ey! we not gon' wee you!" (don't cry baby miley, we're not gonna leave you!) sweet boy.. he loves his sisters!
these next 2 pics are so funny to me. bill got an i-touch for christmas and he has lots of cool apps on it for the babies to play and listen to... and just so everyone can see and share, this is how they always end up:)

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