Sunday, February 14, 2010

silly sayings..

*i gave the babies granola bars for snack today and ella kate said, "hey.. i love 'gorilla' bars! baby eve eats them everyday!"
*i gave josiah a haircut and ella kate walks in and says, "hey 'siah, i like your haircut! you look like a bug!"
*josiah talks so sweetly to ella kate. she will show him some of her "homework" aka: a picture that she colored, and he ALWAYS says, "oh, LK that's so boo-ful!" or when she or i get dressed for church, josiah is the first one to tell us, "oohhh... you wook so boo-ful!" or "i wike yo' pree dreth". (like your pretty dress) he is the sweetest boy... EVER!
*i am also afraid that miley with have the inevitable "davis lysp":) thankfully, ella kate has grown out of hers, but josiah still has it with some words that end in "s" and now so does miley! her new thing to say while bouncing up and down is "danth". (dance) ha! she also likes to share her cup by shoving into your face while saying, "ah' some" (wanna have some) but she is not a fan of giving kisses! if you ask for one, she will turn her head the other way with a "no!"
*one last thing.. while driving in the car ANYWHERE, ella kate is constantly pointing out different roads/directions. for example: "hey, that's the paff (path) to pbs kids (chuck e cheese). that's the paff to mimi's house, and if you go on this paff and turn on this paff, then you will be at the red store (target)." and the funny thing is, is that she sometimes is right:)

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  1. How sweet is he :). Sounds like he is going to be quite the gentleman. I love that they know how to get to grandma's.