Saturday, February 13, 2010


you don't get very much snow here in georgia..... if any!! as a matter of fact, i don't think we have had snow that actually stuck in what seems like 10 years!! (i could be wrong... but it HAS been a while!) so needless to say, my sweet little family was so excited to see huge, white, fluffy snow flakes falling from the sky yesterday! ella kate told me that nonny told god to let it snow:) bill and i had already planned to go on a date for an early valentine's day and my sister erin was coming over to watch the babies for us. we almost cancelled so we could stay home and play in the snow, but since we haven't had a date in about 4-5 months, we decided to go:) my other sister lauren came over while we were gone, to play with the babies and both she and erin bundled them up to let them play out in the snow. i love my sisters... they are the absolute best! they did everything that bill and i would have wanted to do if we were home with the kids. they built a snowman, made snow angels and threw some snowballs!! they even took pictures and video taped them so we could see when we got home:) i love my family! we woke up this morning to a winter wonderland! it was so beautiful! bill, erin and her husband eric left to go skiing with their youth group today and will be gone for a couple of days. so lauren and i went to our parents house this morning to play with the babies in the snow some more! my parents are so cute! they were having a blast throwing snowballs at everyone.. even the little boy who lives across the street! josiah LOVED loved the snow, and tried to play in the snowball fight, but ended up carrying his snowballs to the person he wanted to hit, then would smear it on their legs:) ella kate didn't really throw the snow, she was too busy running around and falling! eve loved the snow, but didn't like how cold her hands would get! miley liked the snow from a distance. she didn't want to be in it, but enjoyed walking along the sidewalk looking at everything:) here are some cute pics!

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