Friday, March 19, 2010

spring is upon us!

it is absolutely beautiful here in augusta!! 75 degrees with sunny blue skies:) i actually took it upon myself to get the babies in their easter outfits and take some pictures. sunday mornings are already hectic and having a photo -op is clearly out of the picture! but, if we wait until after church, then most likely the babies will have wrinkled, messy clothes and i am pretty sure both of the girls will have afros! everyone loves to touch their curls, and i don't mind it but after the 87th time of someone trying to run their fingers through their tresses, everything gets a bit frizzy and out of control! here are some of the cuter pics from this afternoon:)ella kate was in a particularly chipper mood this morning. while we were outside playing, josiah got his big bouncy ball stuck under the van. without hesitation, ella kate throws her arms up in the air and screams, "i will get it 'siah! super-ella kate TO THE RESCUE!" it was quite comical:) after she saved the day for josiah, ella kate went back to her baby doll stroller where her "holly hobby" baby was waiting. this doll was given to her by nonny and it is very old and appears to have been loved a lot! it is one of ella kate's favorites, but she can never remember her name. this afternoon she asked me, "momma, what is my baby's name again? hobby lobby?" she is so funny:) josiah was busy most of the afternoon looking for flowers for me:) they were actually the yellow and purple "weeds", but flowers just the same! he always smiled so big as he brought me another bouquet.. such a sweet boy! miley... oh, miley! that girl is something else:) she has a shoe fetish right now and is constantly trying on whatever shoe is laying around. she also says "sowwy" (sorry) a lot! it is one of her new favorite words.. and i am not sure if it is because we make her say it quite often for beating her siblings up, or if she just likes the word:) she is a cutie!

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