Tuesday, March 9, 2010


ella kate is learning how to spell/write her name! how is this possible?? she can spell it and can write a few of her letters but is still working on the rest! she is such a perfectionist like her daddy and it drives me NUTS! if she writes a letter and her lines don't match up or it is a little crooked or uneven, she gets so frustrated and wants to give up and pout! drama, drama:) we also have been working with her and josiah on recognizing their letters and knowing their sounds. josiah has surprised us all and knows ALL of his letters and ALL of their sounds! ella kate knows most of them, but a few of the letters trick her and she ends up doubting and confusing herself... although i do have to say that the Leap Frog Letter Factory video has been amazing! the babies love it and pretty much ask to watch it everyday! if any of you have small children who are eager to learn, target has this video for only $9!
while drawing with sidewalk chalk outside this afternoon, josiah said, "hey momma! wook! i made a "E"! smart boy:)and not to be outdone, ella kate had to write the "right E with only 3 sticks!"

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