Monday, March 15, 2010

random bits..

these are just a few things that are cute and i don't want to forget:

*ella kate was looking for her "prince charmie" :) (prince charming) i told her that josiah could be her prince, but she responded with "no.. he is just a 'siah!"

*have i mentioned that ella kate pronounces baby miley as, "baby mally"?

*josiah asks for "melk" (milk) all day... EVERY day!

*daylight savings has messed up ella kate and josiah's bedtime routine. she asked me tonight why she had to go to bed when it was still early?! :)

*it never fails that when ella kate shows josiah something, (whether it be a picture that she colored, a new outfit, or her painted toenails), he ALWAYS responds to her with a sweet and excited, "ooohhh! that's boo-ful LK!" now, how many 2 year old little boys do you know that respond to their sisters like that?

*miley LOVES josiah and is constantly trying to kiss him and hug his neck. however, he usually ends up crying and in a headlock:) that's my girl!! she is a brute! ha:)

*miley was playing with a baby doll today and ella kate told me, "that was my doll when i was a little girl". i wonder how old she thinks she really is?! :)

*josiah feels the need to spell EVERYTHING that he sees. if we are in the car and are stopped at a red light, josiah will be in the back seat spelling out restaurant signs and billboards. smart boy:)

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  1. Your kids are so cute. I love how they pronounce things. ADORABLE!
    Don't you just love these blogs for the simple fact that you can look back and remember all of these moments. I love that we can print books now of our blogs and have them as memories of all those special moments and dates.