Friday, March 12, 2010

little miss sunshine:)

we love our smiley miley:)
she has been such a fun and easy baby.. we are so thankful! ella kate and josiah were both easy babies too, but miley is just different. i think it is because she is so independent and requires very little (if any) attention. she entertains herself, wants to feed herself, reads books by herself.. you name it:) she is just so easy! ella kate and josiah are both more sensitive and require me to be a little more hands-on... which i love.. but it is definitely nice not having to be "needed" by all 3 of the babies ALL day long. most days, miley is like a breath of fresh air:)
she is into a new phase right now which is so sweet. she LOVES this certain baby doll of ella kate's which miley has taken over and calls, "bebe". bebe goes everywhere with miley. in the car, in the highchair, in her crib, in her stroller... everywhere! bebe even waits on the bathroom floor while miley takes a bath:) i love it.. i was afraid that she was going to be our "tomboy" because she is so rough and tough... but a sweet girly side of miley has surfaced and i love it! she also is into ella kate's "dancing shoes" (plastic dress up high heels).... only, miley can only walk with one high heel on. she hasn't mastered wearing both of them at the same time, so she is perfectly content clanking around the house wearing one dancing shoe. here are the latest pics of our little miss sunshine:)

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  1. kristen, i'm so glad i FINALLY decided to blog too! i have been keeping up with your family...they are SO cute!!