Wednesday, March 3, 2010


nothing too exciting has happened around the davis house lately... and that is a good thing:)

we spent saturday painting/coloring a lemonade stand (that my best friend since middle school, jenna had given to us a couple of years ago.) the babies LOVE it... they cannot wait to be able to take it outside and sell some "lemma lade!" in the meantime, they are playing a game that they made up, called "pay girl". it is the cutest game and even though there are no rules, they both understand. ella kate is obviously is the "pay girl" (cashier) and she says that josiah is the "mail boy". (the deliverer of the food that we order). let me explain... ella kate and josiah are both inside the "lemma lade" stand. ella kate says, "ma'am, what do you want?" then bill and i order whatever we decide... milkshakes, hot dogs, candy bars, etc. we give our "money" to ella kate the "pay girl", then she sends the "mail boy" to bring us our "food". it is cute... the first night we spent over an hour ordering drinks and snacks. and the best part is, is that it is all pretend. we don't have any pretend money or food, so their little hands are empty but they both know what each other is holding:) bill likes to order difficult things.... he always has been the one to make stuff complicated:) for instance, he will order a hot dog and the "mail boy" will scurry across the living room and bring it to him and just when josiah gets back in the "lemma lade" stand, bill tells him that he forgot his ketchup. so the "pay girl" sends the "mail boy" back to bill with some ketchup, then returns back the stand only to be told that bill wanted mustard too! you see?? but the babies love it and they think their daddy is the funniest daddy ever! miley likes the "lemma lade" stand too, but hasn't quite mastered the art of ducking down to get inside the door. she thinks that she should be able to walk right in, but the top of the cardboard door always clotheslines her in the head and she ends up falling backwards! she gets a little frustrated but keeps on trying!

on another note: some people came to our door this weekend and said that they had found one of our dogs up on the main road and was about to get hit by some cars. bill went outside to get who we thought was dudley (our male basset hound)out of their truck but when he got close enough to see, he realized that it wasn't dudley.. or lola. this dog did kinda look like ours, but he was much older and had real bad cataracts. bless his heart... he had a blue collar which meant he had a home, but we had never seen him before. we told the couple that he wasn't ours and they drove off hoping to find his owners. however, the next day we see that same old dog in our fenced in backyard. we aren't sure if that couple put him in there, or if someone else saw him wandering around the neighborhood and thought that he belonged to us, so they decided to put him in our yard.. ?? so now we have 3 basset hounds! we couldn't bare the thought of letting him go when he is practically blind and skin and bones... not to mention that he is lost and by the way he looks, he must have been lost for a while! he is so filthy and skinny, but we are feeding him, loving him and waiting to find his owners. we made some signs and put an ad in the paper... i just hope they contact us soon! he looks like he could die any day now... bless his heart.. it makes me sad!

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  1. That's so sad about the dog. Its strange how people just randomly assume a dog is yours. That's funny. The same thing happened to my parents.
    I love the kids hot dog/lemonade stand. I used to love stuff like that.