Thursday, March 25, 2010


*last night after bath time, while brushing ella kate's hair she says, "ouch!! momma you just brushed my BRAIN!"
how in the world does a 3yr old know what a brain is? :) oh, the drama!
*yesterday we were outside drawing with sidewalk chalk, when josiah starts writing some letters. this little boy amazes me... i don't know where he gets his smarts from?! :)
he drew an uppercase and lowercase M, F, G and S!
*this morning i was outside playing with miley and she points her chubby finger to the sun and says, "wook! a moon!" :) now, granted she was wrong... but i was so proud of her b/c she can only say a handful of words! i wonder if she will be like josiah in a sense, where she overnight has a huge vocabulary?? i remember when jos was 19 months old and only said about 5 words, then the next day counted to 10!! on the other hand, ella kate talked so much, so soon and has never quit:) every baby is different!

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