Tuesday, June 7, 2011

we're back!!

we just came back from a week long vacation at fripp island with my family!! we had a blast!! ella kate has mastered swimming (all by herself) and can swim perfectly as long as she wears her magic goggles (face mask!!) josiah is a pro at jumping the waves, and miley is the bravest little booger when it comes to deep water and big waves! she gets knocked down and goes under, only to pop right back up, smile and do it again:)

many sandcastles were built, pretty sea shells were found, new friends were made, 'blueberries' (deer poop!) were picked off the ground, lots of deer were fed, many alligators were watched, golf carts were ridden daily, kites were flown, masterpieces were drawn with sidewalk chalk, ice cream sandwiches and popsicles were devoured, beds were shared with cousins, skin was sun kissed, hair was braided, hands were held, laps were full, mexican train was played every night, laughs were shared, stories were told, giggles were heard, MEMORIES WERE MADE:)
it is no secret that cooking isn't my strong suit!! i try and try, but 9 times out of 10, i fail:(
while we were at the beach my sister erin (sissy) and i would cook every night, or really she would cook and i would watch:) well, last night while we were eating supper, ella kate looked at me across the table and said, "i sure do wish you were sissy!" i looked at her and said, "oh yeah? you wish sissy was your mommy?" she smiled and looked at her plate and said, "i mean, i still think you are pretty! but........ sissy can REALLY cook GOOD!!" :)

all of my kids LOVE adalyn!! i mean, really.. they adore her to pieces!!! but, josiah with his sensitive, tender little self has a special bond with the baby:) he is constantly telling me, "momma, i didn't get to kiss the baby yet!" then he hovers.. uh, i mean kisses her all over her sweet little face:) and he does this every 30 minutes or so! it drives me bonkers and i feel like i am constantly saying to him, "kiss and get out, buddy! kiss and get out!" but he genuinely LOVES adalyn and it really is sweet:) this sweet thing REALLY makes me work hard for her smiles:) she and ella kate are similar in this area. jos and miley would just give there smiles away to any and everyone who glanced there way. and although, ek was just as happy and content, she and adalyn aren't as generous with their smiles:) this morning she wouldn't eat b/c she wouldn't quit smiling at me, so i grab my camera and all i get is this.....

(sigh)... oh well! maybe this "hard to get" attitude will serve her well in the future:)

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