Saturday, June 11, 2011

little momma's, nonsense and such...

gahh.... have i mentioned that i am totally smitten with this baby?? it is hard to believe that she is 12 weeks old! time flies when you are having fun:) she still makes us work hard for those sweet smiles but when you are lucky enough to get one, it will no doubt make your day!! adalyn is such an easy and content baby. doesn't require much at all:) she is such a good sleeper/napper! she and josiah have this in common. she probably sleeps 20 out of 24 hours a day. 12 of them being at night!!! twice this week i had to wake her up after 13 hours of her being asleep... and i only did this because i was in pain:) she also has found her thumb a few times and goes to town sucking on it... super sweet!
our sweet adopted nana lives down the street and she watched adalyn for me one morning so i could run to the grocery store with just my big kids. i had forgotten how easy it is to only take 3 to the store, as opposed to 4:) even though the baby is super easy when we go places, it was still nice not having to lug the carrier around, or even getting the kangaroo pouch out to wear her. we just ran in and ran out.. easy peasy:) as soon as we drove off from nana's, josiah said "momma, i very miss our baby! can we pwease hurry!!" how sweet! he ADORES that girl! then when i was loading up the groceries into the car, his "very" talk continues.. "momma, can we PWEASE go to target? i very wuv target!!" :)i was in the kitchen this morning making breakfast and i could hear all 3 kids playing in the girl's room. miley was whining about something and jos said, "miley! are you whining? whining won't getchoo nuffin!!" then ella kate chimed in, "yeah miley.. you know what all of this whining tells me?? it tells me that you need a nap!!" hehe... i have got a bunch of little momma's round here:)and speaking of a little momma... ella kate walked by our den and saw a few dominoes scattered all over the floor. she hollers out, "josiah!! miley!! get in here and clean all of this nonsense up!!" i laughed as i saw them both come in, say "yes, ma'am" to her and start cleaning:)

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