Thursday, June 30, 2011


i thought that this would be easier, but i probably should have made 5 different blog entries.. oh well!!

here is miney moe... she is two years old and has been my first child to COMPLETELY fit the bill. i don't even want to speak the name "terrible twos" over her, but she definitely keeps me on my toes!! she is full of life, smiles, and giggles... but she can also get into more trouble than ella kate and josiah ever did:) on this particular day she found the band-aid box! i was busy cleaning bathrooms and she walks in all proud of herself and covered in handy manny and strawberry shortcake! "my boo-boos not hurt anymore, mommy!" i have to be honest, though. i did contemplate yanking all 17 of those band-aids of slowly and painfully to teach her a lesson, but instead i asked jesus to forgive me from my ugly thoughts and i let her sport those stylish things for a couple of days. hi mom:)
adalyn and daddy talking about their day. and i had to throw this one in here b/c i want to remember that adalyn has won the award for the "davis baby who spits up the most!!"and i HEART this sad face:o) 9 times out of 10, she makes this face with no sound and no tears!

here are some of my sweet jos.. because i think he is the cutest little boy alive and for the fact that he doesn't get near enough camera time:) some more of miley.. who is naked because she "poopied in her pannies"... yet again! ((sigh)) she has been my hardest to potty train, too! good thing she is so stinkin' cute!

guess who is smothered... uh, i mean loved...SHE IS!! and adalyn is one patient little booger! these kids drive my bonkers when they are constantly in her face, but she just lets them do whatever they want. and occasionally she will give them a crooked smile or two:)

miley LOVES playing with her doll house. she will stay occupied with it for hours!! ( well, maybe only ONE hour, but she still loves it! ) this is how she had it set up when i walked in her room the other day. i love how everyone has a chair:) then she wanted me to take a picture of her baby:) bill and i took the kids to a restaurant downtown for some yummy dessert this weekend. they were in HEAVEN with the huge, delicious cakes. the girls got strawberry, bill got red velvet and and josiah got chocolate. i am aware that miley has mad scientist hair in these pics, but she had just woken up from a nap and she insisted on wearing this headband. listen people, i am choosing my battles with her these days:)

is my baby seriously about to be 5 YEARS OLD this summer?? geez.. it goes by so fast! i am so blesssed! buddies..

and i will leave you with this....

miley is supposed to be napping so i peek in to check on her and see this.. she has crawled up into ella kate's bed, found a random hat and is playing with her barbies. ((sigh))...

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