Tuesday, June 14, 2011

date night with miney moe:)

last night, ella kate and josiah went to a sleepover with some sweet friends. (thanks jenny!!) although miley was a bit bummed about not being able to go to "klaitlyn and nafan's", we ended up having THE best night with her! miley doesn't get to spend much time one on one time with anyone, so she definitely got the royal treatment last night:) bill and i took her and adalyn to the mall to walk around. she LOVED throwing pennies in all of the fountains and could have sat there and watched the "boo-ful fountain" (beautiful) all night. the 3 of us then shared some chinese food and she got her very own drink from razzberry cool! she thought she was hot stuff:) after we ate, we walked around some until miley spotted the mechanical rides. she begged and begged to ride the horse and train, and several people around us were cracking up as she yelled, "get up horthy!! get up!!" (gitty up, horsey!) followed by a "weeee hi!!" (yeehaw) she is quite possibly the CUTEST 2 year old on the planet!! we love our miney moe!! although i do think bill is ready for her pea size bladder to get a bit bigger. we were at the mall for about an hour and we went to the potty 4 times:) when we left the mall, we decided to swing by starbucks. i had a giftcard, so we shared a frappuccino and she picked out a pink cake pop. she said it was "so nummy!" (yummy) and after another potty break, we headed home:) i am so thankful for this precious girl, and even more thankful that we got some sweet, special time with her!

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